Active Directory Dashboard

Active Directory Dashboard provides simple and comprehensive information about all domains. The information provided by Windows default tools are highly limited, while many informative data, figures and plots are available in Borna which are of extreme value for IT managers.

The information provided by Borna include:


  •  The total number of users
  •  The Number of users by their status
  •  The number of organization units (OU) and groups
  •  The Number of users by their creation time
  •  The last changes to all domains
  •  …

  Active Directory Dashboard

Centralized Way to Monitor Several Domains

Since Borna can connect to several domains simultaneously, users can monitor and see the information of domains they have the necessary permissions on.


Fast and Efficient

The AD dashboard in Borna fetches the updated information in real time. Optimized and efficient queries are carefully written to obtain results from LDAP, due to which Borna works fast with lowest possible overload.