Borna Active Directory Dashboard provides simple and comprehensive information about all domains. The information provided by Windows default tools are highly limited, while many informative data, figures and plots are available in Borna which are of extreme value for IT managers and adminsitrators. User summary reports, Computer summary reports, group summary reports and OU summary reports are the main category of information available in Borna AD dashboard.


AD user summary reports are as follows:

  •  Total number of users
  •  Number of expired accounts
  •  Number of locked out users
  •  Number of expired passwords
  •  Number of users by their status (active or deactive)
  •  Number of users by their creation time
  active directory dashboard user summary computer summary borna ad manager


Other information, categorized into computer summary reports, group summary reports and OU summary reports, includes:

  •  Number of organization units (OU) and groups
  •  Number of computer by their type (workstation or server)
  •  Number of computers
  •  …

Centralized Way to Monitor Several Domains

Since Borna can connect to several domains simultaneously, administrators can monitor and see the information of multiple domains.


Fast and Efficient

The AD dashboard in Borna fetches the updated information in real time. Optimized and efficient queries are carefully written to obtain results from LDAP, due to which Borna works fast with lowest possible overload.

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