Active Directory Self-Service User Portal


Imagine you are an administrator of a relatively large company and you want to fill the contact information of all users in Active Directory. It would really be a cumbersome and time-consuming task, if at all possible. What if it is possible to delegate the task to the users themselves. By default, Active Directory permissions allow users to change their own contact information, but there is no straight-forward and easy tool to do that. Moreover, many companies prefer their users to be able to search for other users in Active Directory and see certain attributes of them, including mobile phone, department, etc. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the built-in tools available in Windows operating systems. Granting users to manage their own attributes as well as to search other Active Directory employees eliminate numerous hours of help desk and IT staff labor that worth a lot particularly for big organizations.



active directory self service User Portal Settings

Web-based Self-service User Portal

Borna AD manager has a feature called Active Directory self-service that allows users to login to with their Active Directory user accounts, and see and modify their attributes. Attributes that a user can see or change can be specifically indicated by Borna admin to ensure that users will not be able to change attributes they are not supposed to. The web-based interface of the self-service user portal lets users to login to the portal from wherever they can connect to Borna server, whether internally or externally. Borna admin can also enable a CAPTCHA to make sure that no one can perform a brute-force or dictionary attack to find users’ passwords out.


Active Directory User Search

Although, user accounts in Active Directory have the necessary permissions to see all user objects and their property by default, there is no built-in tool or interface to use this privilege. Users, however, can search through their domain if they have certain knowledge of scripting or programming. Search feature in Borna self-service user portal allows users to search other users and see the attributes Borna admin specifies. You can also limit the search scope to the user’s OU, domain or all domains defined in Borna.



active directory self service user portal with search feature

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