Active Directory Automation

User account provisioning, in which a user account is created and necessary privileges are delegated to, should be performed with security considerations. Most organizations use Active Directory for authentication and authorization nowadays which make the deployment of user account provisioning essential for organizations.

Note that in big organizations, having huge number of users, this procedure becomes extremely time-consuming and should be followed with caution, since any small, yet disastrous, mistake in the process gives unnecessary access to unauthorized users.

  Active Directory Automation


Easy Interaction between IT and HR Department

Most of the IT tasks, such as modifying user information or moving user account in OUs, are requested by other departments, including HR, which eventually take a huge amount of time in IT department.

Using Change Request mechanism option in Borna, one can delegate most of the tasks, related to AD management, to other users in other departments, whose straightforward interface only requires you a few mouse clicks.


Active Directory AutomationChange Request

Change Request subsystem of Borna allows you to define workflow for frequent tasks related to users and computers managements in a domain. Three main roles of this subsystem are as follows:

Requester: Users who submit a request (e.g. creating user request or moving user request) in Active Directory. You can assign this role to technicians in HR department.

Approver: Users who can approve or reject a request. This role can be assigned to technician in HR and IT department.

Executor: Users who are responsible for performing operations related to a requests.




Add User Templates

Using add user templates, one can specify important and necessary fields when a user is being created and set a default value for these fields which consequently save huge time. This method improves efficiency and accuracy in user creation process as well. For more information, visit Add User Templates

  Active Directory Automation


Event Log

All events Borna performs on Active Directory are logged and can be displayed and tracked easily.