Import/Export Users in Active Directory

IT managers often deal with situations in which a lots of users must be created in AD. IT managers, however, are usually reluctant to carry out such a menial and repetitive task. Using the User Management feature of Borna, one can simply create many users in bulk by a CSV file.


Importing Contacts in Active Directory

The main difference between a user and a contact is that a contact does not have any SID associated with, unlike a user. Consequently, contacts cannot be used to logon to a domain and it is not feasible to assign any permission to. Contacts are usually used to store contact and personal information of people and organizations.

Borna also helps IT managers to add contact information in bulk by importing a CSV file. Hence, it is much easier to use contact management feature in AD.



Import/Export Users in Active Directory


Importing Users in Active Directory

Sometimes, it is required to create a bunch of user accounts in AD simultaneously since many employees join the organization.

In order to import all users as simple as possible, one can put all necessary attributes in the first line of a file following by the users’ information in the next lines.

You can give the template file to the HR department and then import the final file in the Active Directory easily.



Import/Export Users in Active Directory  

Exporting from Active Directory

Users can generate reports from Active Directory database by Borna provided that they have all necessary permissions. Note that all reports generated by Borna can be exported to a text file.

Needless to say, these export files (Excel, PDF, JPEG, Word, etc.) containing various AD information can be easily used outside the Active Directory to fulfil the managers’ needs.