Active Directory Bulk Password Management

Many help desk and IT staff think that frequently changing or resetting forgotten passwords is time-consuming and decline the efficiency of IT department. In fact, it turned out that AD password reset is the second most frequent reasons employees call IT staff.

Since Active Directory does not provide any suitable tool to handle forgotten passwords, resetting these passwords and informing their users is a cumbersome task. Statistics show that one out of four help desk requests are related to forgotten passwords. Hence, a simple tool to reset AD passwords can dramatically improve efficiency.


Bulk Password Reset

Changing or resetting passwords of a group of users is a frequent task which is simplified by Borna. Borna AD manager can generate random passwords meeting password complexity settings you want.


Quick User Search and Password Change

Borna provides a quick search feature which makes the process of finding ad users and changing passwords as fast as possible.



active directory bulk password reset tool


active directory quick search tool


Export New AD Passwords

Borna enables you to export all new passwords set to AD users into a CSV file. It would be particularly helpful when Borna tries to generate random password.


Password Settings

In borna, all password settings available in Active Directory, such as user must change passwords at next logon and password never expires, can be configured.



Password Complexity Settings

Assigning a complex password is of extreme importance and is highly recommended for security reasons. Borna allows a technician to easily set all password complexity settings available in Active Directory. These settings are directly used when Borna attemps to generate random password.


Password Change Audit

Borna logs all events related to a domain as a result of which one can see the history of changes regarding AD passwords. Note that, for security reasons, passwords are not stored in auditing.


Password Change Notification by Email and SMS

Borna provides a feature to inform users about their new password by email or SMS.




Active Directory Self Service Password Reset




Reset Password by SMS

Users can change their password by SMS in Borna. By texting all the required data which an administrator can specify, AD users can change their own password by SMS. This feature, called self-service password reset, dramatically reduce the workload of help desk and IT staff. Additionally, you can configure Borna to unlock users when they change their password by SMS.



Reset Password by Active Directory Self-serive

Borna AD manager provides a user portal that let AD users reset their own password. Similar to reset password by SMS feature, an administrator can indicate which user's attributes should be provided by a user to be able to change its own AD password.

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