Borna FAQ


What is Borna?

Borna is a web-based software capable of managing Active Directory. It allows administrators to manage users and computers, report from Active Directory and monitor Active Directory security. Most of the features available at Borna are not accessible with built-in tools in Windows.

Does Borna need to be installed on Domain Controller?

No, Borna can be installed on any Windows machine in a domain as long as it is a domain member.

What are the software and hardware requirements for Borna?

Since most of the operation are performed on a domain controller and domain information are not stored in Borna’s database, you do not require to have a powerful server. Note that

  • Operating system must be Windows 2008R2, Windows 2012.
  • Minimum memory should be 8Gb.
  • Minimum CPU should be 2.4Ghz.
  • It is possible to install Borna on virtual server.
  • Borna server has an access to at least one domain controller.
  • It is highly recommended that Borna server and at least one domain controller are located at the same network.

How can I connect Borna to a domain?

After successfully installing Borna, click Administration and then go to Add Domains. In this section, you can add any domain provided that you have a domain user and password as well as the address of a domain controller.

Can I use Borna to manage multiple domains?

Yes, Borna provides a centralized environment to manage multiple domains simultaneously.

Does Borna store users, computers and other AD information in its database?

No, Borna does not store any AD-related information in its database. In fact, all AD operations are performed directly on a domain controller.

What are the advantages of using Borna instead of Windows built-in tools?

There are more than 40 informative reports in Borna about users, computers, OUs, etc. Such valuable Data are not easily accessible with built-in tools and obtaining them would require an advanced knowledge of writing a script. To see the list off all reports, visit the corresponding web page. Some of the important reports are listed below:

  • Locked out Uses: View the users that have been locked out based on Account Lockout Policy.
  • Account expired users: View the users that are expired.
  • Soon-to-expire user Accounts: View the users that will expire within X days.
  • Users never logged on: View the users that have not logged in yet.
  • Recent Logon failures: View the list of users whose logon attempt(s) failed recently.
  • Account never expiry users: View users that will never expire.
  • Account expired users: View the users that are expired.
  • OS/Service Pack Based Report: View computers based on their OS and service pack.
  • Last Logged on Based Report: View the computers to which user(s) logged on in the past X hours/days.
  • Disabled Computers: View the computers that are disable.
  • Groups Without Members: View the groups that have no member.
  • Recently Modified Groups: View the groups modified in the past X days.
  • Users not in Groups: View the users that are only a member of Domain Users.

Is Borna web-based?

Yes, Borna is a web-based software which allows you to manage Active Directory even from the outside of your network.

What does Active Directory delegation mean?

Borna provides a flexible feature to create templates for creating users and other tasks. Additionally, it is possible to grant a permission to HR users to work with this template in order to create users, which is called delegation in general. Borna allows you to delegate any tasks, such as resetting passwords, moving users, etc., to other users. You can also specify users or administrators who have to approve a request to be executed.

What is a user template?

There are many user attributes available in Active Directory, such as first name, last name, telephone, job title, address, thumbnail photo, email, employee ID, etc. Since policy of organization regarding which one of these fields are necessary, Borna helps you to specify the mandatory or necessary fields and set a default value for them if possible.

What are the advantages of workflow operation in Borna?

Using this feature, you can delegate permissions to other users or departments to be able to do certain tasks, such as creating users or resetting passwords. You can also specify users whose approval is needed before executing a request.

Does Borna allow thumbnail photos of users to be stored in Active Directory?

Yes, Borna provides a simple and straightforward procedure to add thumbnail photos.

How can Borna help administrators reset passwords?

Borna has some practical features for password management. For instance, you can automatically reset a user’s password and send the password to the user by SMS. You can also reset passwords of users in bulk.

What are the advantages of Dashboard in Borna?

Borna’s dashboard provides informative data and charts about users, computers, and OUs. These data are generated in real-time and give a lot of information at a glance which is not possible without Borna.

What does quick search mean?

Quick search feature which is available in all pages of Bona allows authorized users to quickly search users and computers, and perform any desired operations on them. Quick search can also be performed on multiple domains.

How does import/export work in Borna?

You can export any desired information about computers and users to excel or text file in Borna. It is also possible to create several users by importing a CSV text file containing user information.

Is it secure to use Borna to manage Active Directory?

Active Directory is one of the most important and fundamental services in all networks. Needless to say, any security problem in AD leads to catastrophe in an organization. Hence, security was considered in design and implementation of Borna. For instance, all domain information is stored in AD and all connections to AD are secured by LDAP.

What is self-service password reset?

Self-service feature in Borna allows users to change their own password by text message or web-based portal, even if they have forgotten their password. To do so, they need to provide some information to be authorized which is can be indicated in Borna. This feature can dramatically reduce admin's workload.