About Dana Pardaz


Founded in 2006, Dana Pardaz was established to produce high quality software solution for IT industries, and have developed many advanced IT management software ever since. Over 500 organizations and enterprises, both in private and public sector, are currently using our products to manage and monitor their networks, data center, IT services, etc. Our customers can be categorized into the following groups:

  •      Banks, and financial and credit institutions (including more than 75% of Iranian banks)
  •      Government agencies and ministries
  •      News agencies
  •      Airlines
  •      Telecommunication centers
  •      Insurance companies
  •      Military centers
  •      Universities and higher education institutions
  •      Gas companies
  •      Most provincial electricity distribution companies
  •      Most ports and maritime organization
  •      Water and sewerage companies
  •      Municipalities
  •      Automobile manufacturers
  •      Private sector organizations


Dana Pardaz is creating a global presence with more than 50 employees whose creativity and motivation brought up reliable and high quality products with which our customers are content. With the motto of IT 360 Degree Management, we have developed 3 solutions:

  •      Network and datacenter monitoring software, Bina, allowing IT managers and administrators to monitor and manage performance and availability of all network devices and services.
  •      IT management software, Dana, the comprehensive tools which enables help desk and asset management, based on ITIL standard best practices.
  •      Active Directory management software, Borna, which is a web-based software to report and manage Active Directory, making routine and common tasks effortless.


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