Borna Active Directory Manager

Borna AD manager

Borna is a web-based Active Directory management software capable of managing several domains in a centralized fashion. It allows administrators to manage AD users, computers and groups, make AD reports from Active Directory objects, contruct a secure AD delegation structure, monitor Active Directory security. Most of the features available at Borna are not accessible with built-in tools in Windows. With more than 40 different and useful AD reports as well as bulk user management features, Borna is an ideal choice for all organizations. 


All One Should Manage in Active Directory

Active Directory is construed as a cornerstone of most today’s networks on which the functionality of other network services depends. Any security breach of Active Directory could potentially compromise the security of whole network. Borna, not only provides a centralized and straightforward interface to manage AD users and computers, but also enhances Active Directory security with the aim of non-invasive and secure AD delegation, and security-related reports.




Default built-in GUI-based tools in Windows, such as Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC), lack all the necessary and vital features to manage Active Directory and its objects. It even gets worse when it comes to AD reports, which does not even exist at all. For instance, finding users which are locked out as result of entering wrong passwords is almost impossible with ADUC. Fulfilling such a task requires advanced knowledge of scripting and working with PowerShell. Borna web-based AD manager obviates the need to write scripts and consequently speeds up AD reporting and management.   [widgetkit id=78]

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