Managing user accounts in Active Directory is one the most time-consuming task of IT staff. Tedious and frequent tasks, such as creating ad users, moving users between OUs and changing user passwords, waste huge time of IT staff, particularly in big organizations. This causes shortage of time when it is needed for more important tasks.

The web-based Active Directory management software, Borna, is specifically designed to fulfill the necessary needs of IT staff, which essentially simplifies and accelerates bulk user managements in Active Directory.

  active directory bulk user management with Borna

Built-in tools in Windows operating systems are very limited and do not satisfy IT staff needs when it comes to bulk user management. Borna helps you manage users in mass and in the simplest way.

Try Active Directory reports and bulk user management feature of Borna in free trial version.

active directory report account expired users with Borna  

Centralized Management of Multiple Domains

The web-based Active Directory management software, Borna, enables management of multiple domains in a centralized fashion. To do so, you should only add all the domains in Borne once.

Borna also allows you to specify the access level of technicians to each domains and OUs. According to their access level and permissions, technicians can perform their tasks easily.

Bulk User Creation

It is common for IT staff to encounter a situation in which several user accounts must be created in Active Directory. Creating users one by one is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Although it is possible to create user accounts in bulk with Window’s built-in tools, it requires writing a script or using complicated PowerShell commands.

Borna's bulk user creation feature allows you to create ad users by importing a csv file containing user information. This procedure is greatly simple and only needs a csv file.

For more information, visit Import/Export Users in Active Directory.


Bulk User Management in Reports

In all ad reports, available in Borna, there is a ribbon that allows the modification of selected users. For instance, in Locked out Users report, a list of ad users whose account is locked out as a result of several logon failure attempts is shown. Consequently, one can simply select ad users from this list and press the Unlock Users button to unlock them or select users from Disabled Users report and enable their account. 

For more information, visit Active Directory Reports.

  active directory report soon-to-expire users with borna


active directory bulk password reset tool  

Bulk Password Management

Resetting passwords is among the most frequent requests. With the aim of Borna's bulk password management feature, the process of resetting passwords and informing users is dramatically simplified. Some of the Borna features regarding ad user passwords are listed below:

  •  Create a random password automatically based on the password complexity settings.
  •  Select several ad users and change their password simultaneously.
  •  Inform users about their new password by Email or SMS.
  •  AD users can change their own password by SMS without any help from IT staff by self-service passowrd reset feature.
  •  Log the events related to ad password reset.

 For more information, visit Active Directory Bulk Password Management.


Quick Search and Modify

Using the quick search feature in Borna, available in all pages, administrators can easily search ad users, computers and groups, and modify them from the pop-up menu. Borna user can easily reset password, enable a user, disable a user, unlock a user, modify logon hours, modify logon computers, modify profile settings etc.

  active directory quick search tool


active directory report old user objects  

Delete, Disable and Unlock Users

Deleting or disabling user whose accounts are not needed anymore, usually called Active Directory clean-up process, is very crucial, as long as security is concerned. Most of the time, these unnecessary ad users remain in Active Directory and IT staff are not informed about.

Borna provides a comprehensive Active Directory reports that shows inactive users in a specific period of time. For instance, one can see the list of users who did not login to domain in the last month and delete or disable them according to the policy of your organization. Additionally, using bulk user management feature, it is very easy to list all locked-out users and unlocked these locked-out users simultaneously. There are several Active Directory reports in Borna which simlpifies Active Directory clean-up.


Logon Computers/Hours Management

It is very important to specify computers a user can logon to and prevent that user from logging on to other computers. You can easily search ad users and indicate their logon computers in Borna.

Borna also provides logon hour information in its reports which allows you to easily modify them based on the policy of your organization.

  active directory modify user logon hours in bulk with Borna


Moving Users in OUs

Moving users to other OUs is among the most frequent task in domain. An administrator can either delegate these kinds of tasks to the responsible department, such as HR, or select the users and move them to a new OU easily.


Other Features

  • Modify group membership.
  • Modify user attributes in bulk.
  • Modify logon script, home directory and profile path in bulk.
  • Modify technician permissions based on domains and OUs.
  • User provisioning in bulk with csv file.
  • Straighforward Active Directory clean-up.
  • Active Directory report tools facilitating bulk user management.


Event Log

All the tasks performed in Borna are logged in event log and you can easily see the history of all tasks and changes, which is extremely cumbersome and sometimes even impossible with built-in tools in Windows.

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