Borna Active Directory management and script-free AD reporting Tool equips IT managers and administrators with necessary information on domains and objects. AD reporting tool is a web-based, straightforward, secure and efficient part of Borna AD manager software. Active Directory reports, generated by Borna AD manager & reporting tool, retrieve data from the required domains, OUs to facilitate a periodic review of the entire active directory objects.


Comprehensive and Informative Active Directory Reports

Active Directory reports of Borna contain valuable information about users and computers for IT staff and managers. Borna provides more than 40 different reports from all Active Directory objects, including computers and users.

Reports in Borna are very simple and fast, and are produced in real-time.

Without Borna, one can generate these AD reports only by writing scripts in PowerShell. But, these web-based reports can be generated easily in Borna. Additionally, these PowerShell script-free AD reports allow you to modify multiple objects simultaneously.

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Report from Active Directory in Borna

Borna reporting tool supports the following features:


  •  Supports Windows server 2000, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2016.
  •  Generates Active Directory reports from several domains in a centralized fashion.
  •  Adds/Removes columns (attributes) in all reports.
  •  Filters reports based on OU (OU filtering) and domain.
  •  Provides fine-grained permission settings enabling administrators to specify which reports are available for a user.
  •  Exports reports in Excel file (CSV file).


More Than 40 Built-in Script-free AD Reports

Report in Borna are categorized in four main groups:


  •  User Reports: More than 15 reports about user objects, including some security-related reports.
  •  Password Reports: Several remarkable security-related reports about users' password.
  •  Computer Reports: Extensive reports on computer attibutes and their version and service pack.
  •  Group Reports: Informational reports both on groups and their containing objects.


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The summary of all PowerShell Script-less AD Reports available in Borna are listed below:


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