User to Change Their Forgotten Password without Calling Helpdesk Staff

It is estimated that around 40% of helpdesk tickets are related to password resets and user unlock. On average, this takes about 20 minutes to resolve which is really time consuming. There is no way around these tasks with default built-in Windows tools. What if a user can change its own password, similar to what users do when they forget their social network’s password?


Borna AD manager provides a self-service password reset feature that allows Active Directory users to change their own password even if they forget the current own. To do so, an administrator must indicate which attributes to be asked from a user to verify them. AD users can change their own password using to different techniques:

  •  SMS-based Password Reset feature

  •  Self-Service Password Reset feature in User Web Portal



active directory self service Password Reset Borna AD manager

Active Directory SMS-based Password Reset

If SMS-based Password Reset is enable, Active Directory users can text their own personal information to Borna service and consequently reset their AD password if verification succeeds. Administrators can specify the personal information required for verification from the list of Active Directory attributes. For instance, you can configure Borna to reset the AD passwords of users who text their Employee ID, e-mail and name correctly. You can also define customized attributes for user account and then use these attributes for user verification.


Self-Service Password Reset with Active Directory Self-Service Portal

Borna Active Directory Self-Service Portal enables AD users to change their own user attributes. Additionally, AD users can reset their password if they provide correct information which is specified by the administrator. You can also configure Borna to automatically unlock user accounts when they reset passwords using these techniques to reduce helpdesk workload. 



active directory self service Password Reset Configuration Borna

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